Home improvement projects to focus on this Easter weekend !

When the warmer weather and longer days come around, a lot of us turn our attention to ways that we can update our home. Spring offers homeowners many opportunities for projects both inside and out, improving not only your home’s functionality but it’s aesthetic too.

Update your interior to match the season 

You don’t necessarily need to add a fresh lick of paint to update your interiors. Instead, bring the colours of spring inside with pillows, throws, or rugs. This is best done in neutral rooms where you can bring in your chosen colour using accessories that can be changed with the seasons. Some of the most popular spring colours for 2018 include indigo blue, gold, lilac, peach and coral.

Resurface your driveway

Understandably, the winter weather can take its toll on your driveway, particularly if its asphalt. Luckily, the warmer weather provides the ideal opportunity to make a start on resurfacing this important outdoor space as asphalt often needs moisture and warm weather to lay correctly. 

Upgrade your flooring

Worn or drab looking flooring can be updated by the simple process of sanding and re-staining. As this job causes a great deal of dust and debris, spring is the best time as you can open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in.

Bring in some natural light

To make the most of the lighter nights this year and for years to come, perhaps it’s time to consider a change of windows and doors or even fork out for a brand new conservatory. At Ideal Windows, we can advise you on the best way to bring natural light into your home and show you just how something as simple as swapping your property’s uPVC windows can establish that “spring cleaning” state of mind.
Clean your gutters

Good drainage is vital to a happy house, but it’s likely that your gutters will have collected leaves and rainwater over the autumn and winter. Spring provides the perfect time to clear them so that they can function properly. Head up a sturdy pair of ladders and clean gutters and downspouts with a shovel, making sure that gutters are directing water away from the house. If you find a problem with your gutters or even spot something that may be wrong with your roof, it might be time to call in a professional.
Give your garden some attention

Has the winter made you fall out of love with your garden? Spring is a time that symbolises new beginnings so why not bring some new life into your outdoor space by adding some new garden furniture, planting some seasonal plants and flowers or even creating your very own vegetable garden. Now is also an excellent time to trim any overgrown trees, hedges or bushes that might be preventing natural light in your home.