New Year’s resolutions…for your home!

You might have written down New Year’s resolutions to improve yourself, but have you considered how you could improve your home?  Make this year a new beginning for the way you organise your home. Here are our top picks and how you can easily achieve them.

Add more storage space
Ask any homeowner what they wish they had more of in their home, and we guarantee that the majority of them will say “space.” Whether it’s to accommodate a growing family or a collection that won’t stop growing, space doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can utilise unused areas that you already have. Consider space under the stairs or in empty alcoves where you could add shelving that will provide some precious extra storage for books, photos, and knick-knacks.

Work on your kerb appeal
When the weather starts to pick up again this year, use this time to work on improving your garden. You don’t have to be a professional landscape gardener to quickly change the way that your garden looks as it can be achieved by something as simple as weeding, cutting back bushes and hedges, or planting some new flowers to give your exterior some much-needed colour after the dreary winter months. What’s more, gardening is known to reduce stress, so if other home improvement tasks are getting on top of you, you can use this as a time to relax.

Reduce your carbon footprint
When is a better time to reduce your carbon footprint than the New Year? The best place to start this is by cutting the amount of energy you use in the home on a daily basis. Switch your normal light bulbs to LED bulbs, invest in a low-flow showerhead and in the warmer months, try drying your clothes outside rather than putting them into the tumble dryer. Even small changes such as this can help you reduce your regular bills. Investing in something like UPVC triple glazing for your windows would be an even better way to make your home more energy efficient.

Throw out what you don’t use
De-cluttering should certainly be something that’s on your to-do list this year. It’s not unusual to acquire a mountain of new stuff every year but consider how much of this you’re actually still using. Make a resolution to go through your home room by room and throw away the things that are broken, things that you don’t use and things that you don’t love anymore. This could stand as a great opportunity to help out a charity by donating clothing that you no longer wear or old toys that your children have grown out of.

Take a design risk
Make this year the year that you make that interior design change that you’ve always thought was a bit of a risk. If your Pinterest page is full of bold interiors that you could only dream of in your own home, what is it that’s stopping you from making that dream a reality? Be brave and go for it, you’ll be surprised at just how much sense it makes once you’ve broken out of the tried and true decorating formulas and indulged yourself a little.