The Ideal Time to Imagine future living!

sliding doors

At a time when every news article or televised report on the economy paints an ever darkening picture, ‘future living’ could be the perfect answer to your changing circumstances. Whether you’re a fan of the ornate or minimalist, classic or contempory style, designing a new space out of a wide variety of materials has never been more accessible!

Most of us are becoming used to lives that include an ability to research information from anywhere in the world with a few deft clicks of our mouse, or mobile device.

The growth in popularity of style and food shows has encouraged us to view our lives at home relaxing or entertaining as an extension of our lifestyle.

This ability to research has empowered us; many people now make choices based on so much more than cost. Energy saving as an example and the impact choosing the right product can have on both comfort and your heating bill!

Ideal Window Solutions is celebrating 25 years continuous trading, enjoying the support of customers in three distinct sectors.

National developers such as Persimmon, David Wilson Homes and Berkeley Homes, who choose us to install the most up to date and energy efficient windows in a wide variety of new homes from apartments to individual executive houses.

Social and private landlords and local authorities who engage our repairs and maintenance experts to carry out everything from condensation removal to a broken window handle.

Of course the third sector, where understanding how discerning potential customers have become is crucial is home improvements. Armed with the knowledge that is now so readily available customers have a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

With products made in Timber Alternative materials, UPVC, Aluminium and Wood we really can create the ‘Future Living’ space of your dreams. To maximise energy savings you can even choose to have them Triple Glazed!

It really doesn’t matter if what you want is large, small or just functional; the options are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you imagine yourself with a new home office a play space for a growing family or the entertaining space to enhance a beautiful kitchen, we have a product and design to help.

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