Ask Holly - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, my name's Holly and my Dad runs Ideal Window Solutions, your local supplier of double glazing and triple glazing windows, door and conservatories. They're based in Fareham and Chichester and supply UPVC, timber and Aluminium home improvement products all over Hampshire and West Sussex including Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester.

You may have heard my adverts on the local radio, all about the benefits of double glazing and all of the great offers and services that Dad has at Ideal Window Solutions. Loads of people ask me about what Dad does and about double glazing so I thought I could answer some of those questions here on the website. If you would like to know anything about double or triple glazing, or maybe about Dad's UPVC condensation removal service, let me know and I'll try and answer it for you!

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What are the benefits of triple glazing?

Dad says that triple glazing is becoming really popular now because the heating bills keep going up and that if you buy triple glazed windows you can help to reduce some of the heat loss from your home and can help to lower your energy bills (and help to save the planet!). Triple glazing windows are 40% better than A-Rated double glazing and 60% more efficient than C-Rated windows!

UPVC-triple-glazingCan you save money with triple glazing?

According to the GGF Energy Savings Calculator, standard A Rated windows could save you about £7400 on your home heating bills over the next 20 years and because triple glazing is 40% better (dad calls it 'thermally efficient') you could save much more than £7400 with triple glazing!

Reduce outside noise.

If you've got lots of noise outside your house, like a busy road, dad says that triple glazing can help to reduce the noise, making your home more comfortable; apparently this is because the triple glazing windows and doors have an extra (third!) pane of glass and this helps with the noise reduction (dad calls it acoustic performance).

Make your home more secure.

Everyone wants their home to be super secure and triple glazing can help increase your homes security. As with the noise reduction, it's the third pane of glass in triple glazing that helps to make our windows and doors more secure.

Click here if you want to read some more information about triple glazing windows and doors from Ideal Window Solutions. Dad says that they are available with lots of style, colour and design options and if you would like to, you can view our triple glazing window prices.

Can I repair my misted double glazed windows?

Dad is always getting asked whether he can fix misted and cloudy double glazing or whether the whole window needs to be replaced instead. At Ideal Window Solutions they have developed a special method for getting rid of condensation from inside the middle of your windows and fix them so they are no longer foggy, this means that you can fix your current window and don't need to buy new double glazing.

Repair your windows instead of replacing them!

There's a team of dedicated specialists at Ideal Window Solutions and they're always really busy throughout Hampshire and West Sussex as it's such a popular service and means that people can repair their windows instead of replacing them. Also dad says that when Ideal Window Solutions fix your misted UPVC double glazing they guarantee the repair for 10 years! To show how quick and effective it is to remove the condensation from your double glazing dad made a video showing how Ideal Window Solutions can repair your misted windows.


What are 'Energy Rated Windows?'

Lots of people have been asking me about Energy Saving Windows after seeing me in the newspaper adverts holding the planet and talking about how they can help save money and save the environment. Well, it's all to do with the energy efficient glass and frame material that my dad and his team use at Ideal Window Solutions to make their windows; their advanced UPVC construction and the special 'argon gas' that goes between the panes of glass all help to make the windows some of the monist energy efficient that money can buy.

Window Energy Ratings are used to tell you how energy-efficient your windows are, just like the labels that you see on your fridges or washing machines! This rating system is based on a scale of A-G, with A-Rated being the best and most energy efficient. It's easy to see why people are interested in energy rated double glazing and even maximum performance triple glazing because up to 25% of the heat within most homes escapes through the windows and you can reduce this lots and lots with new A-Rated windows!

Advanced glass and frame technology

Dad says that all of the glass used to make the double glazing and triple glazing windows at Ideal window solutions is the most technically advanced glass available and is specially designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows, it also helps to reflect the suns heat back into your home which provides FREE heat!

Can I buy coloured windows and doors? 

You might have heard me talking on the radio recently about coloured windows and doors; lots of people say they don't want white windows but do want UPVC double glazing instead of having to paint wooden windows and they can't find an answer! Well, my dad says that they stock up to 50 different colour windows and doors so you can choose exactly the right colour to suit the style of your home, you can even have a coloured effect on the outside frame and keep the inside of your windows or doors white!

Coloured windows and doors from Ideal Window Solutions feature a woodgrain effect to give the appearance of a traditional timber window, so you get the best of both worlds!  The traditional good looks of wooden windows but virtually no maintenance and no more painting!

The colours range from wood effect colours like Golden Oak and Mahogany to grey, black and even blue or red windows and doors! You can read more about our great range of coloured windows.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have placed my order with you what happens next?
A. You will be contacted by our surveyor within the next 7 days, he will arrange an appointment to come and take the detailed information we need to manufacture your new windows, doors or conservatory.


Q. What happens after the survey is completed?
A. Within 3 weeks of survey one of our installation co-ordinators will be in touch to confirm the appointment for your installation to start.


Q. Why can’t you confirm my fitting date earlier?
A. Our fitting schedules have to remain as flexible as possible for as long as possible. There are events that we cannot plan for such as inclement weather, unforeseen issues on jobs making them overrun and staff sickness. If dates are paramount to you please highlight this with our installation department as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Q. What do I need to do on the day of installation?
A. We ask that you clear the immediate vicinity of the area that our fitters will be working. We usually start work from upstairs and work down. The fitters usually arrive by 9am will introduce themselves and explain more fully about the sequence of the work. We also ask that you keep children and pets away from the areas of work for their own safety. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our installation department.


Q. What if the weather is bad on the fitting day?
A. Even if the weather is bad there is usually work that can be carried out on a less exposed elevation. If it is so bad that either safety or your home will be compromised one of two things will happen, our installation department will contact you as early as possible or our fitters will decide the best course of action with you when they arrive. In the event that we are unable to start we will re-appoint for as soon as is reasonably practical.


Q. Will there be any mess?
A. We are carrying out construction work so there will be disturbance and the potential for dust. Our fitters will protect floors, stairs and carpets with dust sheets and will clear up after work has finished. When removing the existing windows fitters will also protect flower beds and borders outside your property with tarpaulins.


Q. What happens when the fitters have finished?
A. Our fitters will demonstrate the operation of windows and doors with you and ask you to inspect the work to make sure you are happy with everything that they have done. The fitters will provide you with a satisfaction note that they will ask you to complete and seal in the envelope provided so that you can provide us with your honest opinion of the work our fitters have completed.


Q. Will you send me an invoice after the work is completed?
A. Not unless you are a business. For domestic customers the contract that you signed and any subsequent agreed variations is all that we provide as request for payments.


Q. When do I have to pay my balance?
A. Payment is due on completion of the work. Our fitters are authorised to collect cheques and cash, alternatively you can pay by bank transfer or card by contacting our office. Please be aware that we charge 2% for balance payments on credit cards, there is no charge for debit cards.


Q. What if I’m not happy about any of the work, do I still have to pay my balance?
A. We are a reputable company and will do everything possible to rectify any issues as quickly as possible following practical completion so there is no need to worry that you will pay us and never see us again. Despite this and under the consumer rights act our contract makes provision for you to withhold a sum equivalent to the cost of resolving defects up to 5% of the outstanding balance if you wish to do so. 


Q. What happens after the job is complete and paid?
A. We have post contract formalities to complete. Within 4 weeks we will write to you confirming balance payment enclosing your warranty.


Q. When will I get my ASSURE and DGCOS certificates?

A. We register your installations electronically with both organisations. They will forward your certificates to you under separate cover. Their documents usually arrive within 6 weeks of completion. If you don’t receive them please contact our installations department who will progress these for you