Repairs and Maintenance

We are able to repair and maintain all modern PVCu, Aluminium & Timber window and door systems and wherever possible only utilise hardware which is approved to British & European quality standards. Glass units are manufactured BS5713 quality standards and in accordance with the safety requirements of BS6206.

We will offer our clients unbiased advice on the upgrading of windows and doors to satisfy service conditions based on 20 years of manufacture and installation experience.

We also offer security, safety and energy conservation upgrades to existing windows and doors.


Common repairs we carry out include;
Repair and replacement of fogged or misted double glazed glass units
Handles & mechanisms repaired & replaced
Replacement window and door hinges
Re-aligning dropped doors & windows
Replacement weatherseals & gaskets
Leak & draught repairs

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For Our Commercial Clients We Offer

Responsive Maintenance
Skilled engineers and a comprehensive support system are vital to meet Responsive Maintenance requirements and to solve the problem first time.

The IWS Maintenance team have skilled engineers and a comprehensive support system to meet Responsive Maintenance requirements and to solve the problem first time. Our knowledge and expertise is superior to that of a contracting organisation who may know the type of problem (ie. broken lock), but who often have little or no idea of the type of window, framing material or hardware.

WS technicians have fully equipped mobile workshop, stocked with a comprehensive range of hardware, fittings and accessories for a variety of framing systems. As we work more regularly with a particular client, we will build a database of framing types and hardware, adjusting the stock profile of each mobile workshop accordingly. This, coupled with the backing of IWS Technical Support Team, allows our technicians to solve 90% of Responsive Maintenance problems first time.

There will inevitably be an element of responsive maintenance, regardless of how well manufactured, installed and maintained your windows and doors are. This could be caused by incorrect operation, operator abuse or simple product failure. However, the vast majority can be avoided by effective planned and preventative maintenance plans.

We tailor our SLA’s (service level agreements) to suit our clients’ needs however they usually fall into the following categories;
1. Emergency Call-Out Repairs need to be dealt with immediately because personal safety or security is at risk
2. Urgent Responsive Repairs Repairs need to be dealt with promptly because further property damage may occur or use of facility may be compromised
3. Non-Urgent Programmable Minor Repairs Less urgent repairs will be recorded and dealt with within seven days. This will reduces the high costs of responding to a single item.

Planned Maintenance
Planned Maintenance programmes are the ideal solution to bring their windows and doors up to a minimum standard as required by the Decent Homes Standard.

A planned maintenance programme is the first step towards carrying out work of a more specialist nature. Through a Planned Maintenance programme it is possible to remedy many problems, and upgrade existing windows and doors to the enhance energy conservation, safety and security without going to the expense of a replacement windows and door programme.

Such works can include;
Hardware renewal & upgrade
Safety & security upgrades to the standard of Secured by Design
Glazing upgrade for insulation to Doc L compliance
Planned maintenance programmes allow for more efficient and economical planning labour and material resources. The schedule of rates will be calculated on multiples of items and will benefit from the associated economies of scale

Only when absolutely necessary will we recommend the replacement of a window or door. In such circumstances we are able to offer replacements which match or closely replicate existing styles and specifications.

Site Surveys
The first stage prior to any type of planned maintenance programme is to complete a comprehensive on-site survey which provides the client and contractor with a "snap-shot" of the condition of the existing stock. Following survey we can provide an accurate bill-of-materials and an accurate quotation.

Included in the site survey we will prepare a database of windows & doors in buildings or housing stocks, including such vital elements as profile systems, glazing and hardware.
Planned Maintenance Programming
Following survey and detailed quotation IWS can assume responsibility for contacting residents/occupiers and arranging access and appointments to complete the agreed works with minimum fuss and disruption. Once the work is completed the performance of the windows/doors will be guaranteed for 12 months.

Bespoke Web Based IT Systems
For our regular, volume use customers such as local authorities and housing associations we have a dedicated and bespoke database system for handling, monitoring and reporting on each and every job we do. Our field technicians use PDA’s which link to our web based application. Our clients can easily check the real time status of their repair orders online providing them with a considerable cost saving in terms of resources, time and telephone calls. At any one time we can have 300-400 open repair orders and this system enables us to manage them effectively and efficiently, the knock on effect to our clients is high quality service which leads to improved efficiency and cost saving. Our system also provides full historical records of individual properties enabling clients to identify trends with user abuse or product failure through fault trend analysis.

From one window handle to an entire housing stock, we have the solution for repair and maintenance problems.