The UK's most popular Sliding Patio Doors

Our sliding doors have an attractively striking appearance and easily allow you to enhance your home, flooding any room with light and 'letting the garden in' - enabling you to enjoy your outside space come rain or shine!

For different installation conditions, there are also different pane casements available to make sure you can enjoy the maximum possible window space your dimensions can offer, both in terms of height and width.


Casement windows

Why choose a set of Patio Doors?

Highly durable and require virtually no maintenance
Maximum noise reduction
High security multi locking built in as standard
Energy rated glazing & thermal properties
Low sightline for greater aesthetics
Part L compliance (subject to Low E glazing)
2,3 and 4 pane options in a huge range of styles
Available in a wide choice of colours and glazing options
Wheelchair access low thresholds are available on all patio sets


Uninterrupted views
Install sliding patio doors in your home, and you’ll open up the views of your garden and the surrounding area. You’ll benefit from views that are uninterrupted by the uprights that come with more traditional windows. Moreover, sliding patio doors tend to span a wider distance than other garden doors, giving you an even broader outlook.

Improved light levels
However, the benefits of sliding patio doors work both ways, in addition to enhancing your view, they’ll also improve the natural light levels in your home. Natural light levels are one of the most difficult things to change in a home and one of the things that prospective buyers prioritise. However; installing sliding patio doors is one way to achieve better natural light levels.  

Open living
By installing sliding patio doors, you’ll also be improving the accessibility and function of your home. You can facilitate the open living that’s so sought after in our homes today, merging the living and garden space into one, wherever possible. Moreover, sliding patio doors are space saving when compared to others doors, as they won’t open out into the room or the garden, thereby maximising your available space. You won’t be sacrificing space each time you open them.  

Cost effective style
Moreover, sliding patio doors are a cost effective means to enhance your home, improving your quality of life and the style of your property too. If you haven’t looked at them lately, you’ll find sliding patio doors have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with a much higher quality finish and greater attention to detail. You’ll have a more comprehensive range of colours and finishes from which to choose than would once have been the case too. So enquire about installing sliding patio doors in your home today.