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Triple Glazed windows are 60% more energy efficient than standard C-Rated double glazing and 40% more efficient than A-Rated!

Triple glazing is unsurpassed in terms of energy and acoustic performance when compared to standard glazing options, approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-rated double glazed windows and 40% more than standard A-rated double glazing.

As the temperatures are starting to drop and home heating bills continue to soar many homeowners are striving to make their homes as energy efficient as possible, reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on their home energy bills, as a result UPVC triple glazing is becoming an increasingly popular option throughout Hampshire and West Sussex.

Triple Glazed windows are constructed using a third or 'triple' pane of glass, this additional pane of glass results in the window featuring an additional cavity (these are filled with Argon Gas) compared to modern double glazing and it is this additional cavity that produces the thermal and acoustic benefits that make triple glazing so popular.

"Windows are one of the most exposed parts of a house. They are very vulnerable towards weather and wind. The aim of triple glazing is to provide better thermal and sound insulation than other forms of windows."

Save energy, save money and add value to your home with Triple Glazing

Our UPVC triple glazed windows are available in a huge range of styles and finishes, with coloured woodgrain effects and various glass options to suit any home. And with the low maintenance, high performance advantages of modern double glazing, you can see why many homeowners are choosing triple glazing for their replacement windows.

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The Advantages of Energy Saving Triple Glazed Windows:

Ultimate energy saving - save up to £766 per year
 Up to 40% MORE energy efficient than 'A' Rated double glazing
 Excellent acoustic performance - reduce external noise
 High security multi-point locking built in as standard
 Energy rated Pilkington triple glazed glass units
 Multi-chambered uPVC thermal efficient frames
 Q-lon the Worlds Best weatherseal gasket
 Available in a huge range of colours
 Huge choice of window handles and hardware
 Reduce Unwanted Condensation
 Individually tailor-made for your home
 10 year comprehensive guarantee
Casement windows

Our triple glazed windows are available in a stunning range of colour finishes so you don't have to compromise on style:

Sash windowsThe cost of triple glazing

Here at Ideal Window Solutions we don't operate hard sales tactics and instead we are focussed on customer service and want the buying process, from initial quote through to installation to be an enjoyable experience. - As a result, unlike many other double glazing companies, we are happy to publish our prices for both UPVC double and triple glazed windows, we offer our popular 'ANY Window, Any Size' promotion that now includes A Rated Triple Glazing.

• Ultra low 1.4 whole window u values

• The ultimate in energy saving and energy generating windows
• Greatly reduced sound reduction
• 10 year, insurance-backed guarantee

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