Why opt for double glazed windows?

Double glazing windows can enhance your home in ways that you might never have previously realised. For instance, it might have escaped your notice that up to 20% of your home’s heat can disappear through the windows, as DIY Doctor points out. If those windows are currently single glazed, then replacing them with double glazed windows can help you curb how much heat is lost.

What other merits do these windows have? Here are just some examples…

Some like it hot – because it’s good for the planet

Because better glazing can keep more heat in your residence, you don’t have to use up so much electricitywarming that house. That can translate into more forgiving energy bills, of course; however, it can also be kinder to the planet due to requiring fewer carbon emissions.

There is a lot of money that you could save

We have already touched upon this issue – and the Energy Saving Trust has posted figures showing how much you could save. As you can see, the savings can differ depending on your property’s energy rating and whether that home is detached, semi-detached, mid-terrace, a bungalow or a flat. However, the picture remains clear: you can spare yourselfsignificantexpenditure.

Furthermore, those figures represent only a year’s savings. Double glazing should stay intact for at least 20 years once it is installed; hence, the cost-efficiency could seriously stack up over time. You can also choose from a good variety of double glazing windows here at Ideal Windows Solutions.

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